Electoral system of the RK

The structure of the election bodies

Election commissions are the state election management bodies that organize preparation and holding of elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The term of office of the election commissions is five years.

The unified system of election commissions is formed of:

  • the Central Election Commission of the Republic (hereinafter – the CEC);

  • territorial election commissions;

  • precinct election commissions.

The CEC heads the unified system of election commissions of the Republic and is a permanent body. It is responsible for preparation of matters relating to application of penalties to MPs, the rules of parliamentary ethics as well as termination of powers of MPs, deprivation of their powers and immunity.

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan appoints the CEC Chairperson and two members for a term of five years, each of Parliament chambers independently without participation of other chamber appoints two CEC members for a term of five years. Deputy Chairperson and Secretary of the CEC are elected at the first session of the commission.

The Central Election Commission has its office. Expenditures for the CEC and its office are financed from the republican budget.

If within the deadlines set by maslikhat there were no proposals from political parties then the maslikhat shall form the election commission upon proposals of other public associations and higher election commissions.

The higher election commission is eligible to appoint a member of election commission instead of retired one till the election of a member of election commission by maslikhat in the order to be established in the law on elections.

A political party may nominate to the election commission candidatures, who are not members of this political party.

Political parties, which don’t have a representative in election commission, are eligible to delegate to the relevant election commission their representative with advisory vote for the period of election campaign.

The main authorities of election commissions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Central Election Commission shall:

  • carry out on the territory of the Republic the control on implementation of the electoral legislation and ensure its unified application; take decisions within its competence to be binding on the entire territory of the Republic;

  • organize preparation and conduct of elections of the President and deputies of the Mazhilis of Parliament; direct the organization and conduct of election of deputies of the Senate of Parliament;

  • during organization and conduct of elections of maslikhats and other bodies of local self-government provide methodological guidance to territorial election commissions and monitor their activities on compliance to the requirements of electoral legislation.

Territorial election commission shall:

  • carry out in the area of administrative-territorial unit the control over implementation of electoral legislation;

  • ensure preparation and conduct of elections of the President, Parliament and maslikhat deputies, members of other bodies of local self-government;

  • direct the activities of lower-level election territorial and precinct election commissions;

  • ensure the conduct of election of Senate deputies;

  • call and organize election, re-run of election and by-election of members of bodies of local self-government other than maslikhats.

Precinct election commission shall:

  • carry out at the polling station election activities on election of the President, deputies of Mazhilis of Parliament, maslikhats and members of other bodies of local self-government;

  • inform voters about location of precinct election commission;

  • clarify the voter list at the corresponding polling station;

  • familiarize citizens with the voter list, consider applications on errors and discrepancies in the voter list and solve the questions on making corresponding changes in the voter list;

  • inform the voters about the day, time and place of voting;

  • prepare the premise of polling station, ensure production of voter booths and ballot-boxes;

  • organize voting at polling station on the day of election;

  • conduct vote count and define the results of voting at polling station;

  • consider appeals and complaints on the matters of preparation and organization of voting, take decisions on them.